• Omolara Oseni

Analytics Intelligence, Kaduna State Government partner on solution-based data management system

Updated: Oct 7, 2020


The Kaduna State Government in October 2019 engaged Analytics Intelligence [AI], a data analytics and artificial intelligence software development company to implement its digital data assistant tool -- myDATA and predictive analytics solution platform.

The partnership between the government's agency - Kaduna Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) and AI helped KADIRS teams in accessing, analysing and distributing insight reports from the organisation.

With the analytics solution, the management of KADIRS was equipped to do a review and assessment of revenue generated from different government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) by entering a query into the data assistant implemented by Analytics Intelligence.

The systemic process which was manual and tedious in generating performance reports became automated, making data easily accessible to the Kaduna State Government.

Analytics Intelligence developed data preparation processes, created new data variables for predictive purposes as well as set data descriptions.

To ingest revenue data into the AI platform, Analytics Intelligence created a data pipeline for analysis of data from different sources.

Analytics Intelligence established data science modelling techniques for KADIRS in revised models. This creates data models for the AI Platform Analytics Engine and the Natural Language Processing Engine.

Consequently, the system solution introduced more efficient ways of collecting, reporting and distributing data across the organisation.Within six months of deploying the solution, Analytics Intelligence's engagement with KADRIS achieved improved clarity in business processes, objectives and effective data reporting within KADIRS departments.

The ongoing project is helping KADIRS create a significant reduction of overall time wastage spent on data gathering as well as creating reports to answer the same business questions.