• Omolara Oseni

[AI] partners Tealium using its customer data hub to give users access to data

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Uk-based data analytics and artificial intelligence company, Analytics Intelligence [AI] have partnered with Tealium -- a real-time customer data orchestration solution to boost its innovative AI solution.

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub provides more than 1,000 turnkey client-side and

server-side integrations connecting each distinct product in its portfolio -- Tealium iQ (Tag Management), EventStream (API Hub), AudienceStream (Customer Data Platform), and DataAccess (Data Management).

To optimise its solutions using Tealium’s technology, Analytics Intelligence -- an

innovative digital assistant platform that is driven by a natural language interface will give business users a simple and effective way to access data and insight.

With Tealium's Customer Data Hub, the digital assistant will leverage machine learning to continually enhance responses and suggestions. Users will be able to set up, test and manage tags or create new user segments from a voice or text commands with ease.

David Edoja, Founder and CTO, Analytics Intelligence commented: "In today’s digital landscape, organisations are swimming in customer data. However, because this data is stored in silos, it can remain disconnected and business leaders can struggle to understand the value being extracted.

"By taking a top-down approach, our partnership with Tealium will provide greater visibility and value from these data assets for our customers, helping set a baseline of how digital behavioural and transactional data can be collected and aligned with data collected across the business."

Managing Director and VP EMEA, Tealium Lindsay McEwan said: "We are pleased to announce our partnership with Analytics Intelligence and are excited to offer its customers a more comprehensive, simple, and effective means to connect disparate data in real-time, across multiple touchpoints.

"Users will have a more flexible approach to collect, manage, enrich and activate data across every channel, with access to the full suite of Tealium’s industry-leading products," McEwan concluded.

The partnership will focus on ensuring data quality, data protection, and connecting customer identities as each product are designed to manage a different aspect of customer data, providing a one-stop-shop for cross-device data collection and activation.